Who We Are

CBD Health and Wellness Center, a division of CHWC Group, LLC., is founded on a personal and professional relationship that spans two decades…

Co-founders Dr. Jim Alvino and John Diatalevi share a passion for helping small to midsize businesses grow and prosper, as well as protect themselves and their assets from unforeseen calamities.

jim and john

Our Team

With more than 40 years of experience serving clients around the globe, our team is dedicated to help our clients and our community.

jim alvino

Co-Founder, Dr. Jim Alvino

Business Consulting Services

Jim built a career as a top executive in association management before founding his coaching company, Monetize Your Niche®, Inc., in 2009. Since then he has logged more than 5000 hours of coaching sessions with dozens of clients all over the world, from start-ups to mature companies seeking to improve their brand, revenue and profits, as well as speaking and presentation skills.

For the past six years Jim has been an independent contractor for JT Foxx, the “World’s #1 Wealth Coach” and founder of The JT Foxx Organization, from which he received the JT Foxx Top One Coaching Loyalty & Consistency Award.

He says of that relationship, “JT is a master at branding, marketing, business development and innovation – his coaching and training have been the driving force of my success as a business coach.”

Among his top consulting clients, Jim has worked with the executive team and managers of the Hilton Hotel, as well as managers and supervisors of 11 McDonald’s restaurants. He is a former Realtor® with then-Prudential Realty in Huntington Beach, CA.

Jim will run the Business Consulting division of the company and assist with the Insurance division (CA insurance agent license pending).

john diataveli

Co-Founder, John Diatalevi

Insurance Services

John owns Lakewood Insurances Services, which he opened in 2003. He provides an extensive line of insurance coverage for your business, home and vehicles.

Since founding his insurance company in Lakewood, California, he has written tens of millions of dollars of coverage for individuals, families and businesses… and has now become a Certified Insurance Specialist in this new, burgeoning industry.

Prior to starting his own company, John was the national parts manager for Sanyo Electric and distribution manager for CUC Software, Inc.

John will run the Insurance Division of the company (CA insurance broker’s license # 0C46111) and assist with the Business Consulting division.

Advisory Board

Dr. Matt Ormond

Medical Resource & CBD Advocate

Dr. Ormond is a well-known Chiropractor in Southern California. His personal experience with CBD and its ability to heal has made him not only an advocate of it, but also an expert of its uses and applications with a variety of ailments.

Dr. Ormond has his personal story about how a particular CBD formula helped to heal his son. You can read about it here. Since then, he has used his own CBD formulations in his practice with great success.

Dr. Ormond has been instrumental in working with the team to create a formula that he believes in so much, that his name is on the label!

Claudia Loens


Claudia Loens is the Founder of Wordflirt®, a Digital Marketing Company in Northern California.

Wordflirt® provides social media marketing, LinkedIn lead generation services, website design and re-design, SEO, and blogging.

She is passionate about helping small and medium size businesses get their branding and messaging onto the appropriate digital platforms.

Claudia met Jim in 2011 through the JT Foxx Organization, where he became her business coach, mentor and eventually, a client as well as a friend.

Eddie Loens

Business Development

Eddie Loens has spent his career in the high-tech and medical device industry, where he was a Senior Buyer/Planner.

Recently, Eddie left the medical device industry to help Wordflirt move offices. Currently, he consults with Wordflirt on a variety of operational aspects.

Eddie is responsible for connecting with CBD businesses to determine their level of need for the services of CBD Health and Wellness Center.

In addition, he will supervise our Sales Team as well as any distributorships, dealerships or franchises we make available as CHWC business opportunities.

Elizabeth Chavez

Human Resources Specialist

Ken Jennings

Entrepreneur, Franchise Developer, CHWC
Business Coach

Miguel Chavez

Artisan, Local/County Government specialist

Our Commitment to Giving Back

With a clear sense of moral responsibility, civic duty, and dedication to service, John and Jim are committed to giving back to the community – whether locally as with the City of Lakewood, California Meals On Wheels program for seniors; or globally via The Prasad Project, a philanthropic and altruistic relief organization that helps economically disadvantaged peoples of the world.

Both principals have served with integrity in leadership positions for non-profit organizations and boards – John is a past president of Rotary; Jim is past secretary/treasurer for the OC Real Estate Investors Association, and a past team leader of the Siddha Yoga Prison Project.

Integrity is Everything

Integrity is everything. As a means of “sharing the wealth,” 10 percent of all net revenue will be divided among the above and/or other charitable organizations as determined by our shareholders.

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