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Karen shares what its like to be a reseller for CBD Health & Wellness. Watch the video to find out how CBD products helped many of her customers.

Theresa, Age 19

Theresa is a first-year college student. In her two videos, she talks about how TranQuel™ has helped her manage stress, how she feels and also how it compares to medications she took for ADHD when she was younger.

How CBD helped a College Student handle stress
College Student Compares CBD to ADHD Medication

Marlene, Age 84

Suffers from Emphysema and Depression

"I'm breathing so much better and I have more energy than I've had in three years!"

84 year old woman takes CBD

C.L., Age 51

"I've been taking TranQuel™ for my mood and inflammation. It's hard to explain how I feel. I just sort of feel calm and peaceful. I definitely notice when I DON'T take it. I've also stopped taking my prescription medicine for heartburn and I think that's because the CBD is reducing my inflammation. I just feel better!"

Emily, Age 45

Suffers from PTSD

"At-Ease™ CBD capsules have given me profound relief from the persistent daily symptoms of PTSD I have endured for decades following a brutal assault. Now that I can finally relax and focus, life has become much easier and way more fun. I wish I had learned how amazingly effective CBD is 30 years ago, but I'm thrilled that the secret is finally out about this powerful resource!"

John and his dog, Brody regarding "Pet-Ease™"

"I started fostering dogs a few months ago. These guys are typically pulled from kill shelters and placed with a foster temporally until a new forever home can be found for them.

Some of these dogs have issues as a result of being in a shelter or possibly their home life wasn't stable. It's pretty common for these dogs to have trust issues, or separation anxiety. Sometime they are afraid because they've been mistreated. When you see a poor little dog suffering, it breaks your heart.  

The first dog I tried Pet-Ease™ on was afraid of people and was very nervous. After a couple of days on Pet-Ease™, I started to notice a difference. He wasn't cowering when you approached him to pet him anymore. He started coming to me when I called him. He even started to engage in play with me. He was a whole new dog. He was happy, and you could tell.

Right now I have a dog with separation anxiety. He barks non-stop if I leave the room. Going to bed at night was a problem because he started barking as soon as we left him alone. The first night we tried to outlast him and figured he would get tired soon. He didn't. So the next day I started him on Pet-Ease™. It's been four days now, and he rarely barks when I leave the room. With a little more time, and I'm confident he will stop entirely.

This stuff works. I've seen it with my own eyes."

Karen's experience with Pet-Ease™

"I have treated my dogs and my grand-kitty for both PAIN and ANXIETY with Pet-Ease™ CBD. The results have been very good and fast acting. It also helps with bee stings!"