Pet-Ease™ -CBD Spray for Dogs and Cats (Subscription)

$45.00 / month

For help with stress, anxiety and pain. Calms pet down, helps them heal. 350 mg CBD per bottle/approx. 175 sprays/2mg per spray.

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Everyone (humans as well as animals) suffers some stress and anxiety from time to time, including your favorite pet! Spooked by strangers, the doorbell, another furry friend, or just by virtue of their high-strung temperament – dogs and cats are reported to be happier, friendlier, and generally more sociable and laid back with a daily dose or two of CBD!

Pets are visibly more calm and show fewer signs of anxiety or pain (e.g., limping, crying or whimpering, refusal to eat or relieve themselves, incessant barking) when CBD has been added as a regular part of their day.

Like humans, your pet will show preferences for how CBD is administered: Try spraying it directly in their mouth, in their bowl, on their food, even on their paws for licking off (that’s how our dog prefers it!) – and observe the relief. Your pet will thank you!

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