Joy Organics CBD Energy Drink Mix 5 packets Happy Berry 12.5mg


Fast acting, safe and natural energy is only a sip away. Joy Organics’ CBD Energy + Focus energy packs give you the boost you want to get the most out of your next workout. Experience the difference that Joy’s full spectrum, zero THC powder can make in your training.

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Energy drinks abound… what makes this one best? Just listen to coaches and trainers these days talk about CBD and how it aligns perfectly with what athletes need. CBD Energy Drink Mix helps them: increase mobility and flexibility; improve mood and focus; reduce inflammation and joint pain; relax muscles; reduce lactic acid and soreness for faster recovery; improve endurance. WOW!

And no need to worry about drug tests in competition! At the start of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency acknowledged CBD’s benefits and took it off its banned substances list. Join the thousands of athletes benefiting from CBD today. It could give you just the edge you need for optimal performance.

Comes 5 servings to the box. Ingredients per serving include 12.5 mg CBD; 75 mg caffeine (less than a cup of coffee!); 14 vitamins & minerals; and a proprietary blend of green nutrients and root powders.

Directions: Mix 1 packet in 12-24oz of water depending on desired strength. Can be used before, during or after workouts.

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