CBDevotion Honey Exfoliant 200 mg CBD


Exfoliate, cleanse and brighten!

This may well be the fountain of youth! Raw honey and a proprietary blend of essential oils and ingredients kills bacteria and fungus and restores skin to its youthful luster.

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Exfoliate, cleanse and brighten!

CBDevotion Honey Exfoliant softens skin texture and tightens pores, creating a more youthful appearance. Raw honey, loaded with nutrients and enzymes, nourishes and heals skin as a natural humectant, drawing moisture and retaining it in the skin. Raw honey also kills unwanted bacteria and fungus. Rose geranium oil restores moisture, improves clarity and refines skin texture. Alkaline baking soda reduces symptoms of breakouts due to its anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties.

2 oz. ~ Raw honey, baking soda, MCT coconut oil, 200 mg CBD, and a 100% pure essential oil proprietary blend.

Directions: Apply to wet skin, then rinse. Use on face as an exfoliating cleanser. Can also be used as a hydrating mask.

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