The Science of CBD

"First they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The times they are a changin’, and we are privileged to be among the leaders in this “happening-as-we-speak” megatrend, which is raising awareness and bringing hemp and its derivatives – such us CBD – into the forefront of alternative health & wellness treatments. Soon these may be as mainstream as bottled water!

CBD Health and Wellness Center offers the highest quality CBD products containing CBD isolate extracted from hemp plants grown in the USA. Our products are for medicinal use only. They contain zero THC or other psychoactive chemicals that can get a person “high.”

SC Labs Ailment Guide

CBD stands for cannabidiol. According to SC Labs, a premier third-party analytical testing facility, CBD exhibits numerous medical benefits including demonstrated results with a wide range of ailments shown in the chart below (printed with permission):


Pay attention to the second column from the left… the “blue dots” indicating where CBD has been reported to have a positive effect and impact on your health. CBD is NOT a panacea, nor is it indicated for all medical, emotional, or psychological conditions. [WARNING: NEVER medicate yourself, or cease taking medications prescribed for serious illness, without first consulting with a qualified health & wellness practitioner.]

Although the political climate in the United States is a moving target regarding regulation of the CBD Industry, many U.S. patents have already been issued for CBD as being effective in reducing inflammation, alleviating glaucoma, moderating arthritis pain, controlling stress, preventing diabetes, and many other medical and psychiatric conditions. [For a partial list of U.S. Cannabinoid Patents as well as clinical studies on cannabidiol (see U.S. Patent Resources List).

The Science of How CBD Works

CBD is effective in its many applications because there are specific receptors throughout the body that react and bind with CBD. These receptors comprise what is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS for short). There are two types of ECS receptors that react to cannabinoids: CB1 and CB2. The chart below, courtesy of Medterra, shows the concentrations of these receptors in the cells of the organs that are impacted most.

The ECS has a crucial role in regulating physiological processes including pain, memory, mood, the emotions, cognition, and other human functions. Both kinds of receptors can be found in our brain, nervous system, as well as peripheral organs and tissues.


Of Course Results Will Vary!

It's just like anything else. Our formulations of CBD products have been proven to be effective, but the results you get will vary depending on a number of factors: 1) the severity of your condition or ailment, 2) your body weight, 3) the integrity of your CBD receptors, 4) what medications you may be taking, and of course, 5) the X Factor. What is unique about you and your system that either expedites or impedes healing?

The approximate dosing or serving sizes by severity of condition and body weight are given in the chart below. Use these as GUIDELINES ONLY to find what's appropriate for you. Remember to keep all medications and supplements out of the reach of children.


Three Proprietary Brands Brought to You by CBD Health & Wellness Center

We are pleased to introduce three flagship brands of proprietary CBD Products that address several ailments contained in the SC Labs chart – pain, inflammation, stress & anxiety, and related symptoms and conditions. Each product comes in easy-to-use spray as well as vegetarian capsules. The pain relief formula is also available in salve form, with and without cooling affect. Depending on frequency of use and dosing, each preparation – spray bottle or capsule container – provides approximately a 30-day supply. Dosing and results may vary from person to person.