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Is Inflammation Making You Sick?

The term “inflammation” is getting a lot more attention these days – have you heard of it? Dr. Ormond knows all about inflammation and sees how it impacts his patients’ bodies. Watch what he has to say in this short video.


Dr Ormond's Inflammation CBD message


What is inflammation?

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Inflammation – whether acute (injury) or chronic (systemic) is a player of the immune system on a cellular level. Visible signs of acute inflammation may include redness and swelling, while chronic inflammation is not something you can see because it happens inside the body.

Our bodies are built to fight enemies from within to protect us, which is its main role in our body. When a threat of infection or parasite is sensed, white blood cells rally to the infected area and flood it with toxins to kill the invader. However, if the cells are constantly being stimulated, it can produce too much toxicity and begin to attack organs and tissue.

According to the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins University, inflammation is linked to serious diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and auto-immune diseases, like Lupus. Some health practitioners believe it is the at the root of every disease. Poor diet and constant stress can be key contributors to chronic inflammation.

How CBD helps

Hemp-based CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural anti-inflammatory and is said to be 20 times more effective than over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen, AND helps reduce pain and swelling related to acute inflammation. Plus, you can’t get addicted to it and it won’t hurt your organs like over-the-counter meds do!

Even better, CBD reduces internal inflammation of the tissues and organs while building up the immune system from the inside out. It is particularly helpful for digestive issues and stress.

Our bodies are built to accept and enjoy the benefits of CBD through our Endocannabinoid System. Throughout our bodies we have CBD receptors which utilize the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD because CBD binds to the receptors. Many people experience multiple benefits of CBD because it doesn’t discriminate against some of the receptors while helping others. For example, one of our customers began taking CBD for breathing problems and ended up reducing her psoriasis, her diabetic numbers AND her depression! That’s because CBD has many different benefits and is distributed throughout the Endocannabinoid system!

For pain relief, Dr. Ormond recommends his proprietary formula “Dr. Ormond’s Critical Pain Relief Formula”. If you have joint, muscle or tissue pain, try a combination of our external salve on the affected area coupled with our capsules or spray to attack it from the inside.

If you suffer from chronic inflammation, ingesting our capsules or sprays twice a day should help reduce your symptoms. Be sure to check out the dosage chart here to get the right amount for your individual situation.


How do we know these products work?

Because we use them ourselves, give them to our families and Dr. Ormond uses them with his patients in his practice. On a calibrated scale of 1-100, our products top the scale for efficacy, purity, and potency.

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