CBD relief for pets

CBD Relief for Your Furry Friends

Introducing "Pet-Ease™" - CBD Relief for Pets

Our furry friends are part of the family and as such, we want them to enjoy great health and vitality, just like our loved ones. But what happens when they are sick or in pain? They can’t tell us with words what is bothering them, but we KNOW when something is. So, we visit the Veterinarian in hopes of finding some relief for our little buddies.

CBD Receptors Just Like Humans!

Did you know that dogs and cats have Endocannabinoid Systems in their bodies just like humans do? That makes them EXCELLENT candidates to experience relief from CBD. Some of the feedback we’ve gotten from our customers explains how CBD has helped their pets. Here are some examples:

Relief from pain. Arthritis is often the cause of pain in older pets, but other kinds of pain can also persist. The overall impact of CBD on the whole system imparts relief no matter where the pain is.

Faster recovery from injury. It appears that pets are back in action much faster after an injury when treated with CBD. Both topical and internal treatments are recommended.

Digestive issues decrease. Have you ever wondered why some dogs eat grass? There are a lot of theories out there, but according the WebMD, it could be related to digestion. They say the dog might be trying to improve digestion, treat intestinal works or fulfill an unmet nutritional need. Some of our four-legged customers have shown improved digestion, better bowel movements and even less grass-eating!

Calming excessive barking or hyperactivity.  Let’s face it – our cats and dogs are energetic and mischievous at times! It’s to be expected. However, what do you do when your pet is overly hyper or barks constantly? Pet-Ease™ has helped our customers with these types of behavioral issues. The issues don’t go away, but they show marked improvement for a better pet interaction.

Easing anxiety. Animals are very sensitive to their environment and the people they love. They can react to stress and anxiety just like people. Pet anxiety can present itself in a variety of ways. Some pets may be anti-social or nervous. Others may lash out by scratching or barking when approached during an anxious moment. CBD helps these little guys and gals just like it helps humans when experiencing anxiety. They seem more relaxed and sociable, and other unwanted behaviors seem to lessen.

Helps with Seizures. Due to the CBD Receptors in the brain and peripheral nervous system, using hemp oil may result in reducing seizures.

Soothes scratches, cuts, burns and bites. Our customers use either the Pet-Ease™ spray or our regular salve when their animals have a topical injury. It soothes the affected area and pets seem to heal faster. Try it on bee stings!

We’re still learning the many benefits that CBD has on animals, but one thing is for sure…we trust our products with our family members, including our furry friends!


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